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Kidney Care Coaches

CEO/Founder: Tifiro Cook

My name is Tifiro Cook. As a two time kidney transplant survivor I’ve developed a passion for helping patients with stage 3-5 kidney disease not only survive but thrive. My goal is to walk with you on your journey and give you the tools you need to regain control of your health and well being.

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Creamy Crack Body Cream

CEO/Founder: Camille Cook

Camille Cook is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a background in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery and owned a medical spa specializing in skin of color.

She has a passion to serve others and educate them on improving their largest organ, SKIN. Her most gratifying and rewarding attributes are being able to empower people of all ages improving and maintaining proper skin care regimens.

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Authentically Jen

Founder Jennifer Ford

Jennifer Ford is truly beyond category. She is a writer, wordsmith, songwriter, poet, voice over actress, recording artist on iVision Digital, motivational speaker, and mental health awareness advocate. She creates the content for her YouTube channel, Authentically Jen. Fa-Harra Farmer assists with all of the editing for each video. They are also business partners on the media platform iVD Press. Jennifer is the Chief Editor, and Fa-Harra Farmer is the CEO.
Jennifer recently created a Facebook group, Seer Spotlight, to highlight up and coming talent, provide a platform to share content, and bring more visibility to local artists and entrepreneurs. She observed many people who lacked recognition and support. Her idea was birthed from constantly sharing posts on her personal page for so many she believed in.

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Hope With Jonathan

CEO/Founder/Host: Jonathan Traylor

​On August 11th 2020, I received my miracle Gift of Life. I was transplanted in San Antonio, Texas at Methodist Specialty and Transplant.

I have a passion for all things kidney and now use my personal story to give encouragement & hope to those that are suffering with kidney disease. I now advocate for organ donation for kidney patients. I’m grateful and blessed to share my messages of hope with others.  I knew i survived this experience for a reason, i knew i had to do more and so then Hope with Jonathan was born.

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Founder Alex Rosa RN

I have been in healthcare for over 15 years, and am working as a nurse educator while I finish my doctoral degree in nursing.

During those 15 years, I have also had three children, maintained a healthy, supportive marriage with my high school sweetheart, and served as my dad’s primary caregiver before he died.

So there I was, with two little ones, a third child on the way, attending school full-time, coping with the stress and sorrow of my father’s illness and death,  AND trying to keep myself and my family sane and on schedule.

Whether we are teachers, healthcare providers, or in social services, most of us hit our breaking point before being able to make changes. For me, it was the birth of my third child. I was experiencing severe heart failure, and if I wanted to stick around to see my kids grow up, I had to face that I was:

  • 70 pounds overweight

  • Taking multiple medications

  • Fighting depression and anxiety every day 

So I began to shift my perspective, and my life. I developed a lot of processes and strategic systems over the years. I won’t say it was super easy.  I had a lot to learn—all of which I can now share

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CEO/Founder: Edward Drake

YNOTT? Foundation

Our organization educates pediatric transplant patients on the importance of staying compliant both pre- and post-transplant, and improve their overall transition to adult care. We host many kinds of health awareness events in the community to educate people on healthy lifestyle choices and other preventive measures. We seek to reduce childhood obesity and improve youth fitness and nutrition. Lastly, we actively encourage and promote organ and tissue donation in the community.

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Multicultural Miracle Donor Foundation

CEO/Founder:Trish Phillips

 Informs, Assists, Supports, and Advocates for Multicultural Living Donors, and The Families of Deceased Donors

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Shirley Brill CEO/Founder

Educating Minorities About Transplant

Encourage minority transplanted individuals to converse with other people of color that have experienced transplantation PRIMARILY in the NE Florida area (but not to exclude persons from other areas).
Discuss issues and offer inspiration, support and encouragement to caregivers, donor families, and those who are on a waiting list to be transplanted.
Discuss ways to increase organ and tissue donations among minorities.
Appreciate living donors and donor families.
Share experiences with those waiting to be transplanted.
Eliminate myths about organ and tissue donation among minority communities.

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The Warriors Quest Show

Jared A. Brown Founder

I interview chronic disease Warriors and give them a chance to tell their story 📙, on a live broadcast, about searching for a living donor

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Artavius Veasey

Kidney Transplant Recipient/Author,social media creator/Podcast host

Mr. I AM ART himself, ARTavius Veasey, born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Graduate of Full Sail University receiving his master’s degree in media design is always looking for ways to challenge his creativity and knowledge. Having a passion for the ARTS and inspiring others with his testimony; He tends to find creative avenues to illustrate, articulate and integrate his life’s journey filled with moments we can all enjoy for years to come.

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Kidney Conversations

Jonathan Traylor & Kyle Hockridge

Kidney Conversations is a collaboration website brought to you by Host of Hope With Jonathan (HWJ) Jonathan Traylor and Founder of KWM Kyle Hockridge. This site was created to be an information site dealing with all things Kidney related. Here you will find Videos, Blogs, and Interviews to help keep you informed on all things Kidney and Kidney Disease related.

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